om baby & wellness photo shoot

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing my friend (and fellow American expat here in Sweden) Lori’s new yoga studio space. Lori does it all: she is a neonatal nurse who started her own infant and maternal consultancy company, Om Baby & Wellness, since moving here to Gothenburg. She offers courses in Infant and Child CPR, Developmental Infant Massage, Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding Preparation, Mommy & Me Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.

Isabella and I have wonderful memories from Lori’s Mommy & Me Yoga classes. That was our first activity together as mother and daughter and just the simple task of taking the bus and making it to class each week was a great confidence builder for me as a new mom. Lori’s class was a safe and fun place I could enjoy my new baby in. I could feed her, change her diaper, let her sleep, let her cry and even get a bit of yoga in, all surrounded by other moms going through the exact same thing as me. 

Here are some images taken from Lori’s private studio space and a glimpse into what the Developmental Infant Massage, Mommy & Me Yoga and Prenatal Yoga classes look like. Can you spot Isabella’s debut as a baby model?? I highly recommend Lori if you are expecting or have an infant at home. Take a further look at what she has to offer here: