Photo Shoots

om baby & wellness photo shoot

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing my friend (and fellow American expat here in Sweden) Lori’s new yoga studio space. Lori does it all: she is a neonatal nurse who started her own infant and maternal consultancy company, Om Baby & Wellness, since moving here to Gothenburg. She offers courses in Infant and Child CPR, Developmental Infant Massage, Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding Preparation, Mommy & Me Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.

Isabella and I have wonderful memories from Lori’s Mommy & Me Yoga classes. That was our first activity together as mother and daughter and just the simple task of taking the bus and making it to class each week was a great confidence builder for me as a new mom. Lori’s class was a safe and fun place I could enjoy my new baby in. I could feed her, change her diaper, let her sleep, let her cry and even get a bit of yoga in, all surrounded by other moms going through the exact same thing as me. 

Here are some images taken from Lori’s private studio space and a glimpse into what the Developmental Infant Massage, Mommy & Me Yoga and Prenatal Yoga classes look like. Can you spot Isabella’s debut as a baby model?? I highly recommend Lori if you are expecting or have an infant at home. Take a further look at what she has to offer here: 

details on a wednesday

I’ve been trying to bring the camera out more with Isabella. It was a dark winter. Ok, it still is winter, haha--but at least the days are getting lighter and therefore it is easier to grab a few good shots inside. Having an infant makes everything take a bit more time. Days are filled with laundry, drool, meltdowns (both hers and mine), messy meals, lots of playing and not enough naps. Despite all the craziness I really want to make a point to try and capture some everyday details and moments from this time. I know I will be so grateful I did. Isabella is 7.5 months, on the cusp of crawling and giggles and babbles all day long. I absolutely love it. 


Lately my life has been totally consumed by delicious little newborn babies, and I’m not complaining about it one bit. I didn’t even think I would have the time nor energy to fit in any photoshoots during my first few months as a new mom but I’m so glad I was able to snap a few quick shots of this gorgeous girl while she and her mama were visiting me and Isabella. Who knows, maybe all these babies are just the muses I needed ;)

isabella leahnora

My how life has changed. After my last photo shoot I took a photography hiatus as pregnancy literally weighed me down to where I had absolutely no energy left. Then I gave birth and even more energy was sucked out of me! Haha, and now I realize that exhaustion is just going to be a part of my daily life for a while, so instead of letting it completely consume me I am trying to push through and maintain some sort of normalcy. Finally, two months after my beautiful daughter’s birth, I felt ready to bring out the lens again. And while my little Isabella is not the most cooperative when it comes to my creative process, she is my most inspiring muse. I have dreams of fairytale like scenes of her surrounded by fallen autumn leaves, but for the moment she’s only let me capture a few shots of her sweetly sleeping. I can’t complain about that. 

baby iris

2016 is truly the year of gorgeous baby girls. Last week I had the pleasure of photographing yet another young, new family with their 4-month-old daughter. It's such an honor to be invited into someone's home to document such a memorable and intimate time in their life. Mimi, Fredrik and baby Iris--thank you for entrusting me to capture these precious moments of yours. It was a joy to watch you three interact in your love and bliss. I could have stayed with you all day!