lifestyle session with the Blom family

As I dive deeper into my journey as a photographer I am continually amazed by the plethora of knowledge there is out there about the craft. It is truly endless! While something of this magnitude would typically overwhelm me, I find myself more and more excited each turn I take. Like discovering the fact that I am a Lifestyle photographer, for instance. I knew I always approached my photography from a natural, documentary-styled perspective. I have never been one who was drawn to an overly-posed or prepared photograph. I always delighted in capturing images of the everyday to see them exactly as they happen. Little did I know this was a whole genre of photography with an increasingly growing following of fellow artists. Since joining the inspiring community of  Clickin Moms I have learned so much about this approach to photography and how I can grow and develop my techniques in it.

Last month I had the joy of photographing the Blom family. Capturing them playing on a sunny, Sunday afternoon was the simplest and most natural atmosphere to gather images of them at this stage in their lives. Their youngest had just turned two, there oldest about to start his last year of preschool—these are times you want to cherish as a parent as they are so fleeting and over before you know it. By simply spending a few hours with the family at their home and on a neighborhood stroll (with of course my camera in tow) I have produced a scrapbook of images that depicts what a typical afternoon looks like for them. What a wonderful memory to be able to look back on and see their life exactly as it happened. The more I learn as a photographer, the more I feel dedicated to stay true to my Lifestyle approach. I feel it is the most honest and real way to photograph. All of our lives are beautiful, and real life most definitely does not have time to be posed.

Enjoy the images below of the Bloms!