photographing candid childhood

Capturing the beauty and simplicity of childhood is one of my favorite things to do in photography. I love witnessing the moments of pure joy and excitement and then being fast enough to catch it on film. But it's not always the easiest thing to do. Kids are always on the move, so when I'm photographing them, they are often the ones calling the shots. To get the most natural images it's also best that I just follow their lead. Do you think a five-year-old wants to sit still for 45 minutes straight as I make sure each hair is in place, the light is just right and that they are positioned just so? No way. So I usually try and capture them in their element and where they are most comfortable and focused. With my neices this is usually while they are at play, or in all honestly, while they watch TV. Yes, they are quite used to aunt Liana snapping away annoyingly as they watch Saturday morning cartoons. Anything for the perfect shot!