isabella leahnora

My how life has changed. After my last photo shoot I took a photography hiatus as pregnancy literally weighed me down to where I had absolutely no energy left. Then I gave birth and even more energy was sucked out of me! Haha, and now I realize that exhaustion is just going to be a part of my daily life for a while, so instead of letting it completely consume me I am trying to push through and maintain some sort of normalcy. Finally, two months after my beautiful daughter’s birth, I felt ready to bring out the lens again. And while my little Isabella is not the most cooperative when it comes to my creative process, she is my most inspiring muse. I have dreams of fairytale like scenes of her surrounded by fallen autumn leaves, but for the moment she’s only let me capture a few shots of her sweetly sleeping. I can’t complain about that. 

baby iris

2016 is truly the year of gorgeous baby girls. Last week I had the pleasure of photographing yet another young, new family with their 4-month-old daughter. It's such an honor to be invited into someone's home to document such a memorable and intimate time in their life. Mimi, Fredrik and baby Iris--thank you for entrusting me to capture these precious moments of yours. It was a joy to watch you three interact in your love and bliss. I could have stayed with you all day!

the force of adelie sky

When it comes to editing photos I like to keep the process as simple and clean as possible. I believe editing should merely enhance an image and not completely alter it. However, sometimes special exceptions can be made. Last week I shared Adelie Sky's photo session and today I will share the results of the special request made by Adelie Sky's dad. To set the scene, let me just explain that Adelie Sky's dad is slightly interested (obsessed) with Star Wars (he did name his daughter Sky, after, well, you can guess who). He had a few special wishes of certain photos he wanted to take and asked what the magic of Photoshop could do to add a bit of the force to the images. This is what we came up with. The force is strong with Adelie Sky!

adelie sky

It's been months since my last post and with that, my last photo session. After a long and dark Swedish winter the light has finally returned--hallelujah! To celebrate I was thrilled to take the newborn photos of sweet Adelie Sky. What better way to celebrate the start of spring than to capture a beautiful new life in pictures? Especially as I also have a new life growing inside of me. Adelie Sky's session was serene, calm and a complete joy to shoot. After arriving an entire month early, Adelie Sky has completely filled the hearts of her parents, Aaron and Becca, and that warmth and love easily transpires through the images captured. Enjoy the sweetness of this new family of three!

blom family at botaniska trädgården

Fall family sessions are in full swing! Gorgeous bursts of yellow, orange and red tones are popping up everywhere. The Swedish landscape is really showing off and I'm ecstatic to have it as the backdrop for my families. I first photographed the Blom family at the start of last summer. Now 5-year-old Charlie is one of my students and his sister Poppy is talking and "flying" everywhere she goes. It's crazy how quickly these kiddos grow!